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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest marketing mix optimization study on the banking industry. A leading client in the banking sector wanted to align themselves with the business planning process and increase profit, sales, and shareholder value. The client wanted to measure the impact of advertising on the overall sales revenue.

According to the marketing mix experts at Quantzig, "Banking firms are relying on marketing mix optimization to spur profitability and improve their marketing channels to deal with regulatory and market pressures."

With the current economic uncertainty, key companies in the banking sector are looking beyond compliance to augment their businesses and progress financial performance. In this fiercely competitive environment, banking companies need to profile strategic priorities to achieve reputation risk and contain conduct as a part of their business strategy.

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The solution presented by Quantzig helped the client to evaluate the impact of their marketing activity across different channels. The client was also able to operate efficiently to drive improvements in the performance. Also, the client was able to effectively allocate their marketing budgets.

This marketing mix solution provided benefits that helped the client to:

This marketing mix solution provided predictive insights on:

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Marketing Mix - Tesco Poland Case Study Essay

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List of figures 3

List of Tables 3

Introduction 4

1. Marketing mix using Tesco Poland as an example 5

1.1 Products 5

1.2 Price 6

1.3 Place 6

1.4 Promotion 7

1.5 People 7

1.6 Process 8

1.7 Physical evidence 9

1.7.1 Parking 9

1.7.2 Buildings 9

1.7.3 Stores/decor/furnishings 10

2. Micro environment - competition 11

2.1 Tesco vs. Biedronka (Ladybird) 12

2.2 Tesco vs. Carrefour 12

2.3 Comparison of the top 3 retail chains in Poland 13

2.1 Current and potential threats to Tesco in Poland 16

3 Suggested recommendations 16

References 17

Appendix 1 Tesco - relations with suppliers and producers of goods...................................................19

Appendix 2…show more content…

And that is a key to the success in Poland as well. Products in Polish branches are split into good quality such as brand products, Polish products and regional products and inferior quality such as discount price, Tesco value and other Tesco products.

Figure2. Types of food products in Tesco Poland

1.2 Price

Since the expansion in Poland, Tesco has competed over price with its biggest competitors such as Real, Carrefour, Biedronka and Lidl. From the beginning March 2009 Tesco introduced products at discount prices in Poland as well as discounts of 30 to 88 percent on selected articles (WP, 2010). Through cutting prices offering their own payment cards, vouchers and temporary promotions Tesco became attractive to customers. Price cuts were possible because of the pressure exerted by Tesco on their suppliers (Appendix 1). However not everything is cheap in Tesco. Regional managers usually cut prices of the most popular goods in each store, because in that way Tesco is attractive for potential customers. Of course the customers are buying other, more expensive goods too, so the overall margins are maintained.

1.3 Place

The principle of Tesco’s distribution is: “the right product in the right place, at the right position, at the right time and at the right cost” (Tesco,

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