Ba Cover Letter Sample

This is the best cover letter I ever wrote.

And I screwed up about 27 versions before getting it right

In fact, when using the below cover letter template, it’s given me a 100% success rate in applying for jobs.

Even though I don’t use it every time I apply for a job, there’s no harm in backing up your resume with a cover letter even if you’re not asked to.

Just don’t go crazy on the content.

And most DEFINITELY DO NOT repeat what you say in your CV/Resume.

Here’s my BA Cover Letter template…

Make sure you edit some of the words to match the job your applying for.

If you’re looking to maximise response rate to your CV or resume Have a read of this post here.

My BA cover Letter Template


Matthew J Adams
[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2]
[Address Line 3]


Dear [Name],

Re. Business Analyst at Barclays

I wish to apply for the Business Analyst role and enclose a copy of my Curriculum Vitae. Business improvement is a subject I am particularly passionate about, succeeding in a wealth of projects throughout my career. I have the drive and motivation to be successful and hold significant experience in identifying, planning and delivering change improvements.

I realise the requirements of this role will be varied and demanding. My ability to influence senior leaders while focussing on delivery of customer’s needs will ensure I can succeed in this position. Areas such as requirements elicitation, operational design and process analysis are those in which I have a strong background and am eager to further my abilities from the requirements of the role.

I’m extremely enthusiastic about gaining this position with Barclay’s as it can offer a rewarding and interesting experience in legal and regulatory operations. My knowledge of PRINCE2 and Agile also offers much potential for continuing my career in managing significant change initiatives.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Adams



So there you have it.

Short and sweet but with MAXIMUM impact.

For most companies, success often hinges on the strategies developed by their business analysts. More and more companies are employing teams of analysts, and job outlook is great for people looking for positions in the field–but that is not to say there won’t be competition.

The best way to get a leg up on the competition is with a well-written cover letter, which will dovetail nicely with your resume and give you the opportunity to leave a great first impression on the hiring manager.

The sample and industry-specific tips below will have you writing your own in no time, but if you’re short on time, let our state of the art cover letter builder craft one for you in mere minutes.

Table of Contents

  1. Business Analyst Cover Letter Sample (Image)
  2. Business Analyst Cover Letter (Text Format)
  3. Three Industry Specific Writing Tips

1. Business Analyst Cover Letter Sample (Image)

The following images show an example cover letter, and its matching resume from the same applicant.

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2. Business Analyst Cover Letter (Text Format)

June 12, 2017

Hiring Manager’s Name

798 Hennepin Ave.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55402


[email protected]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

My name is Mitch, and I saw your job posting on last week. I’ve been working as a business analyst for more than 5 years, and I love it. Developing novel business models and forecasts that I can later see put into effect is fulfilling, and [TARGET COMPANY] is well-known in the industry for employing cutting-edge business tactics. I would love to apply my skills and passion for creating innovative strategies to an organization of such repute.

One of the most crucial aspects of being a successful business analyst is the ability to make accurate projections and develop strategies that will align with those projections. I’ve worked in such a role for two large companies that demanded extreme accuracy and actionable business plans. My ample experience coupled with my aptitude for creating effective strategies would help me thrive and have a positive impact on the success of [TARGET COMPANY].

[TARGET COMPANY] was recently listed as one of Fortune’s 50 Most Admired Companies. This achievement comes on the back of its expansion into Asian markets. With the increase in market size and revenue, [TARGET COMPANY] will be facing many new challenges regarding trends and strategies. I’ve worked with clients in Hong Kong and Japan in my previous roles, and hope to use what I’ve learned from these experiences to help your company face the challenges ahead and achieve further success.

The thought of working for [TARGET COMPANY] thrills me, and I would love to have an opportunity to speak with you face-to-face. I am available any time, Monday to Friday, and can be reached by phone at [PHONE] and email at [EMAIL]. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mitch Bruise

3. Three Industry Specific Writing Tips

Business analysts are employed in every for-profit industry around the world. Though jobs are abundant, you’ll still need a strong cover letter to get your foot in the door at a great company. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make yours stand out.

1. Format for applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies filter applications using ATS software.

To many hiring managers, reading through cover letters and resumes is tedious work. ATS software was created to take some of this burden off of hiring managers. This software scans documents for keywords and phrases that have been designated by the employer. If enough of those keywords have been identified in a given document, the ATS flags it as representing a viable candidate. If not, the application is rejected.

Depending on the industry, the responsibilities of business analysts can vary greatly. For this reason, many companies use applicant tracking systems to weed out applicants who have skills that are irrelevant to their particular industry.

The good news? It’s relatively easy to format your document in a way that is likely to be accepted by ATS software — simply follow these two steps.

  1. First, pull words and phrases from the job posting. If applicable, use them in your cover letter. It may take some rewording or different verbiage, but it will be worth it to score an interview.
  2. Next, try to use industry abbreviations and jargon. Many applicant tracking systems scan for this sort of niche vocabulary. For example, if your specialty is data modeling, mention it specifically.
  3. Finally, check O*NET Online or even Google for additional information regarding necessary software proficiencies required for the job. Just make sure you read up on these skills to ensure you’re not lying!

Almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies filter applications using ATS software. There’s no way to know for sure if your prospective employer does as well, but you can safeguard your cover letter by understanding the tactics utilized by ATS and tailoring your documents accordingly.

2. Demonstrate analytical prowess; connect with the company

Business analysts are obligated to bring high level analytical skills and attention to detail to their jobs. You can set yourself up for success by demonstrating these qualities in your cover letter.

A simple way to do this is by researching your target company. Try to identify the direction in which the company is heading and some issues that may arise along the way. Once you’ve found something, mention it and discuss how you would fit into that schema.

Let’s take a look at our applicant’s use of this strategy:

Mitch not only mentions the target company’s recent inclusion in a prestigious list but suggests that it had something to do with its expansion into Asia. He goes on to identify some challenges they will face as a result.

Finally, he discusses his own experience working with Asian markets, and posits that it would allow him to help the company tackle the new challenges. He comes off as an applicant with strong analytical skills who has done his homework–and importantly, one that understands the business.

Your ability to prove your skills and connect with the company could mean the difference between scoring an interview and getting passed up in favor of another.

3. Read it aloud

No matter the profession, cover letters should be error-free and easy to read. However, this is especially true for business analysts, who are expected to have great attention to detail and a strong ability to express themselves clearly.

When you are finished writing, read it aloud a few times. There shouldn’t be any mistakes. It should also flow very well, with little need for pauses or changes in tone. If you come across some areas that don’t flow well, reword them.

In the event that your target company does not use ATS software, the hiring manager will have to read through tens, if not hundreds, of applications. If he or she has trouble reading through any of them, they will likely be discarded.

It can be a hassle to reread and reword your cover letter, but if it’s difficult to read, it could cost you the chance for an interview–and ultimately the job.

Have someone else read it after you finish. It’s easy to get too close to your own writing and miss some things as a result.

That’s all there is to it–but if you still need help, head over to our ultimate writing guide. You can also let our quick and easy cover letter builder do the work for you.

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