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Company Name:Wind World India Ltd 
OldName: Enercon India Ltd
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Address:Corp Office
A-9, Veera Industrial Estate, Veera Desai Road, Andheri (West
Enercon Towers
City:Mumbai 400053 400053 Maharashtra
Tel:5522 7794
Fax:5692 1175
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Enercon India started its operations in India on 1995 with technology support from its principal Enercon GmbH, Germany. It provides end-to-solutions from concept to commissioning in selection of site, design, erection, testing and commissioning and maintenance of wind farms. It has implemented SAP in all its enabling to better control and efficiency. Currently, the company manufactures two models of wind turbine - 330 KW (E-33) and 800 KW (E-48).

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Mr. RaghavanAssociate Vice President

Product Manufactured
Wind Turbine Generators

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said, Nicholas Piramal employs about 1,000 workers at its three manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Dr. Piramal noted that her company’s pipeline is rich, and its dream is to develop new drugs for the global market for $50 million—a relative bargain compared to the $1 billion cost of similar efforts in the United States. In India, she noted, Nicholas Piramal can buy “a lot of scientific horsepower” for the money. What is more, the company’s new R&D investments appear to be bearing fruit; she reported that between January and June 2006 Nicholas Piramal filed 14 patents for New Chemical Entities.

Underscoring the new confidence of Indian industry, Dr. Piramal announced that on June 15, 2006, two days before the National Academies’ conference, Nicholas Piramal had signed an agreement to acquire from Pfizer a 450-employee facility in Morpeth in the United Kingdom, providing Nicholas Piramal access to Pfizer’s global sourcing network. This acquisition, she said, is consistent with Nicholas Piramal’s intent to become a global leader in custom manufacturing across the pharmaceutical value chain.28

The Indian automotive component industry has similar global ambitions. M. P. Chugh of Tata Auto Component Systems (TACO) noted that Tata’s vision of making a $2,000 car for the Indian mass market calls for the company to develop not only an innovative automobile but also an innovative business model to bring this vision to reality. This business model would “not only use the engineering talent in India, but leverage the engineering talent in India for a global business market.”

When TACO was formed in 1996, the cutting-edge technologies required to produce advanced automotive components were not found in India. To overcome this hurdle, TACO has formed 16 global partnerships, including alliances with Johnson Controls and Visteon, to coordinate the efforts of engineers around the globe to conduct research and development around the clock. TACO, he reported, has also established 4 advanced engineering centers (including a center in the United States) and 16 manufacturing plants that produce components such as interior plastics, seating systems, exteriors and composites, and wiring harnesses. The key to the success of the Tata’s joint ventures with U.S. companies such as Johnson Controls, he noted, lies in coordinating the efforts of engineers spread around the world as they carry on work on a given product development program.

TACO’s aspirations are global. The company, Mr. Chugh said, believes that it needs to be not only in Asia, but also in the North American and European markets. He noted that while Chinese manufacturers are better at “shoot and ship”—that is, manufacturing a product given a drawing and design—Indian auto manufacturers aim to have the capacity to design, test, and validate as well as

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