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There are many different forms of government many of which are found around the world. In America the most popular form of government is that which we have now and which we have enjoyed since our birth and that is a democracy. In a democracy every citizen is allowed a chance to speak and voice their opinions openly. A democracy is a system of government which is ruled by the people. It is considered an egalitarian form of government where citizens are responsible for determining the actions of the state, laws, and the public policy. Every citizen as an equal opportunity to share what they think.

The most common system around the world which is deemed democratic is that of a parliamentary democracy. In a parliamentary democracy voting for the public takes place in elections and be selections select politicians who then represent the public within a legislative assembly. In theory it was Aristotle who contrasted the rule of many with the rule of the few. Minimalism is a type of democracy where citizens give teams of their political leaders the ability to rule in periodic elections.

A direct democracy is another form of government which is based on the idea that citizens participate directly influencing their policies and their laws. In this type of government citizens do not create laws and policies through an elected representative but do it themselves. A deliberative democracy is one based on the idea that government should be governed by discussion. In this type of government everybody has an opportunity to share their thoughts with one another and this open form of debate and discussion is what helps to shape the laws. And of course a radical democracy is one based on the concept that within a society there exists oppressive power relations which must be stopped.

Of course the democracy is not the only theory of government. In autocracy is a form of government where one person holds unlimited power over the rest of the country. This is something seen in places such as Saudi Arabia where the single King has complete rule or something seen in other places where a single leader has complete control. A monarchy is a form of autocracy one that also applies to places where a royal family rules the government. Overall there are many forms of government each of which are best for different peoples and countries.

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What can be more popular these days than the government topic, and the political situation in our country? Students need to be more politically active in order for the country to be better, and increase the living situations. For these purposes – professors give out assignments to write an essay on various political and government topics. They want to increase your political views, and make you more civilized.

So if you are assigned a government paper, such as government essay, government research paper, government term paper, or any other paper type on political and government topics – you will have to spend time writing the paper, and making effort in order to impress the professor with your views, ideas, opinions.

When starting to write essays on a government or political topic – the first thing you have to do is define the specific topic you want to cover. You can’t just name the paper “politics”, “government” or “government politics”. You have to pick a very specific topic, and be able to cover it in the page limit your professor gives you.

Comparison is always a good method, and not only in the “compare and contrast paper”, but in any paper. When you compare one fact to another one – you show that you have knowledge and are proficient in both topics: the main topic, and the topic you are comparing to, which brings you the edge.

There is no right or wrong. When you are writing a government paper or a paper on politics – you express your own individual opinions. Your professor can not put grade your paper extremely low just because he is a republican and your paper contains democrat thoughts. You have to assume that the professor is impartial, and wants only to see your hard work, so why don’t you show it to him as well as great, extraordinary and bright thoughts of your own?

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