Ppt On Case Study Of Microsoft





Microsoft force them to close their software development that arecompeting Microsoft applications.

5.Monopoly through pricing

Microsoft has set prices that are very low in the market. This is alsoa reason of monopoly.

6.Monopoly through technology

By using the latest technology and software, Microsoft also exertsmonopoly in this way.

Question No. 3: Identify the stakeholders and their stakes in thiscase?Answer:

Media, PC users, Customers, Partners and the Competitors arethe stakeholders in this case. Media consists of newspapers, magazines,television, radio and internet. Media has provided full coverage of thiscase. PC users and customers are the most important stakeholders. Theyare satisfied with the Microsoft applications. Partners and the competitorswould be affected by the outcome of the case.

Question No. 4: Do you agree or disagree with the legal and courtdecisions made to date in this case? Explain.Answer:

yes, we agreed with the court decisions that are made in thiscase. We believe that Microsoft has exerted monopoly and this act isunethical. Every company should be given equal rights to enter in themarket. DOJ has also declared that Microsoft has monopoly in the market.




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