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Need a speaking assignment that will challenge and engage your middle school students? Here are three. The speech assignments and supporting documents contained in this pack will provide many weeks of challenging, engaging and fun learning through the presentation of speeches.

Includes the following three assignments:

- "Me in Three"
Students introduce themselves to the class and tell their own story through the use of and explanation of photos.
- "How-To" Speeches
Students act as experts to direct the class in a learning activity.
- "Fight the Power!" Protest speeches
Students use rhetorical speaking strategies to take a principled stand against a personal, local, national or global injustice.

Speeches come with full assignment requirements, a rubric, sample speeches, student notes, graphic organizer, activities and slideshow, and implementation notes for the teacher.

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Welcome to Speech!

Hello! My name is Ms. Panther, and this is my website for Lakeview Middle School's speech class. Speech is an encore class that is offered  to both 7th and 8th graders for one semester. Throughout the semester, students learn about speech communication theory and public speaking. 

More about the teacher: Ms. Panther grew up in Springfield, Illinois and moved to West Point, Iowa during her high school years. She graduated from Aquinas High School and attended Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois for Secondary Education English and Art with additional certification in Speech and Journalism. She graduated Cum Laude and is a member of various honor societies. Ms. Panther moved to Kansas City in July of 2008 and began teaching in the Park Hill district that fall. She graduated from Park University in the summer of 2012 with a Masters of Education in Literacy Education and earned her Reading Specialist certification. 

Ms. Panther has two older siblings, Beth and Justin, and one brother-in-law, Joe. Beth and Joe have a son--Vincent--who is Ms. Panther's very spoiled only nephew. Her siblings live in the Chicago area while her parents and extended family are back in Southeastern Iowa. 

Ms. Panther is also passionate about meeting the needs of students in literacy and served on the board of directors for Pages and Chapters, a non for profit urban family literacy, and S.E.E. the Nations, a non for profit that support refugee and international students at the secondary level. 

What to Expect

Getting to Know You

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Above is a letter I wrote you! Yes, you! It follows this outline:

I. Greeting
   A. Dear....
II. Introduction
   A. Who am I?
   B. Where am I from?
   C. Who is my family (and pets!)
   D. Where have I lived?
   E. My special hobbies, interests, and talents
III. Me as a student
   A. What am I best at?
   B. How do I like to work?
   C. What do I struggle with?
   D. How do I learn best?
IV. Special Information
    A. Allergies, medical concerns?
    B. Pet peeves?
    C. Anything else people should know about me?
V. Closing
    A. Sincerely, Yours Truly, In closing....

Now it's your turn! Open a Microsoft Word document and write me your own letter. When you are finished, Ms. Panther will show everyone how to make a new folder for the class, save it to the folder, then upload it and send it to her using the website. 

Finish early? Start looking over the student syllabus (below). You'll have a "pop" quiz over it tomorrow!

Grading and Assessment

Park Hill School District believes that all students can learn, students learn in different ways, errors are inherent in the learning process, and students learn in different time frames. With these core beliefs, the middle school assessment and grading plan has worked to develop a grading system that reflects where students have been and where they are going related to specific and tangible learning goals. Our specific school policies are detailed below. Highlights include:

  • Tests, quizzes, projects, and other student products that are designed to show mastery of specific learning goals are worth 80% of the students grade and I will grade them on a 100 point scale
  • Daily work, homework, and in class lessons that are designed to practice or explore a learning goal are worth 20% of the overall grade and I will grade them on a 3 point scale that reflects completion and effort over accuracy. 
  • Check your grades on
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Ms. Panther with her family (left), volunteering for literacy (above), and being herself (right)!

Units include:

Speech Communication Theory
Intrapersonal Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Group Communication

Public Speaking
Informational Speech
Persuasive Speech
Social Ritual/Ceremonial Speech

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