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Tangerine Dream’s founder and leader Edgar Froese has died at the age of 70 after suffering a pulmonary embolism in Vienna.

Tangerine Dream were formed by Froese in 1967. The original trio also included Conrad Schnitzler and Klaus Schulze, who both left after recording their debut album Electronic Meditation (1970). Tangerine Dream would undergo many more line-up changes, with Froese their one constant member, over a career spanning five decades and more than 100 albums.

Tangerine Dream also composed music for many films including Sorcerer, Thief, The Keep and Risky Business, among others. In 1973, the group signed to Virgin. Legend has it that their deal was agreed on the basis of a meeting where Froese played chess with Virgin boss Richard Branson.

The young label gave them free reign but by this stage Tangerine Dream’s brand of immensely popular electronics bore little similarity to the more kosmische trips of their pre-Virgin quartet of early 1970s albums, Electronic Meditation, Alpha Centauri, Atem and Zeit.

Froese also recorded a number of solo albums, many of which he rerecorded and remixed in recent years.


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Here’s a little known surf gem that I stumbled upon at Amoeba. It has all the ingredients of a hit: catchy tune, great production, and excellent vocal performance, but for whatever reason it never charted.  

Bruce & Terry are unknown as a group, but individually they’ve got quite the reputations. Bruce Johnston went on to become a Beach Boy and also wrote the infamous hit “I Write the Songs,” which Barry Manilow got reamed for. Terry Melcher was a renowned L.A. producer and son of Doris Day.  He produced the first few Byrds albums among others. Together Bruce & Terry also produced many other acts, including the Riptides and their hit of “Hey Little Cobra.”

Unfortunately, Terry is perhaps best known for having been chummy with Charlie Manson for awhile. It was his just-vacated house where the murders occurred and it’s theorized that the family was really after him and his girlfriend, actress Candice Bergen, and not Sharon Tate

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