Sessay Primary School Ofsted Reports

Welcome to Husthwaite! (Part of the Husthwaite and Sessay Church of England Federation)         


Thank you very much for taking an interest in our school.  Selecting a school for your child can be a difficult task.  There are many aspects to take into consideration, both educational and social, but it is a choice only you can make, because only you can know what best suits your child.  By browsing our website we hope that some questions you may have about Husthwaite Church of England Primary School will be answered.

We think our children are bright, caring, enthusiastic, confident and well-balanced individuals who work together towards common goals.  We believe it is vital to fully extend our pupils’ capabilities, igniting an enthusiasm for learning that will stay with them for life.  Each child is welcomed in to our school and is nurtured as an individual to enable them to reach their full potential.


After visiting our website we hope that you can get a feel for the life and values here at Husthwaite.  However, I would encourage you to come and pay us a visit so that you can meet the staff and pupils. 


I am the Interim Executive Head Teacher of Husthwaite Church of England Primary School and I split my time between Husthwaite and Sessay Church of England Primary School. I enjoy spending time with the children and am privileged to have a role that allows me to work in two small schools with wonderful, hard working and caring children, staff and communities. Please contact the school to make an appointment or to ask any questions.


Fiona Bennett

Interim Executive Headteacher







Our Christian values of community, compassion, friendship and trust support the spiritual and moral development of our children as we grow and learn together.


Our aims:

Children, staff, governors and parents have high expectations of one another and themselves. As a school family, we aim to recognise and nurture the needs, strengths and talents of each and every child, providing opportunities to think independently, love learning and reflect on the wonder of God’s creation. We aim to build self-esteem so that children develop the confidence to have open hearts, open minds and respect others, whilst having the courage to be true to themselves. Through high-quality, creative teaching, we inspire, stimulate and challenge children to fulfil their potential.  We aim to create curiosity and prepare children for life in an ever-changing world.


School prayer

Dear Lord, guide us with your love to:

C are for everyone in the community and the wider world

H eal the past and grow the future

R espect one another

I nspire one another to be the best we can

S trengthened by your Holy Spirit

T ogether we are a family and will do our best to live the way you taught us.   

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