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elements related to the work environment to which the employee is subjected. Some studieslooked into the relationship of training and development and motivation among employees.Earlier studies indicated that training prior to the actual implementation of the job requirementamong the employees tends to boost the motivation and performance of the organisation as awhole. (Baldwin, Loher, and Magjuka, 1994, 282) However, in the study of Bozeman, Carlson,Kacmar, McMahan, Wright (2000, 271), they noted that the provision of training anddevelopment processes is not enough to ensure effectiveness of the employee. They coined theterm "training motivation" as an indispensable requirement in the individual level.Other similar studies have pointed out that the performance management of theemployees implemented by the company tends to similarly improve the motivational levels inthe organisation. Performance management is seen to be composed of two elements: goal-setting and appraisals. (Pierce and Taylor, 1999) Essentially, a considerably bulk of theliterature presented in this type of motivational root is pay. Indicated in the recent works of Moynihan and Pandey (2005, 421) they claimed that pay is only one of the possible tools inensuring the proper management of the overall performance of the employees. They indicatedthe need for an actual improvement of the overall environment of the organisation. They havealso noted that employees in the management-level positions have the task of improving on thisenvironment and do their best to control those factors which appear to influence theperformance of their subordinates.

 Another major determinant of motivation is seen in terms of compensation andincentives. As indicated in the earlier part of this paper, money is a great motivator amongemployees. However, recent studies have indicated that pay-performance incentives tend to be


Topics for Research Proposal on Motivation

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Dissertation needs motivation as well as interesting topics for building its discussion on. Maintaining focus throughout the dissertation writing process is difficult, but once you have a good topic in your hand; it becomes easier to maintain the focus. But first is the research proposal on motivation!

Research proposal on motivation is the first thing to submit to your supervisor. A proposal that has to be approved if a student wants to move to the next step – dissertation writing.

Here are some interesting

topics to discuss in your research proposal on motivation


Motivation research proposal topic suggestions:

  1. How important is to be motivated in an office environment for an employee?
  2. Techniques to improve motivation of employees keeping in mind the goal of the organization.
  3. Motivation – How to keep your employees engaged in times of stress and degradations amongst other employees?
  4. Ways to motivate employees without raising their pay structure but by influencing them with other benefits to loosen the ties between employees and management.
  5. Results of de-motivating employees in an organization, how has that been overcome by the new strategy plan of the HRM policies?
  6. Why is employees’ motivation important?
  7. Adopting game techniques to motivate employees to improve their production without worrying about the company benefits.
  8. Self-motivation to be the key ingredient in the the motivation factor of union workers of an organization.
  9. Is money or recognition more important for an employee?
  10. What is the role structure of motivation in the proper development of an organization future welfare?
  11. Motivation, knowledge transfer and organizational forms to play an important role in team building for existing employees.
  12. A comparative study of motivating employees in public and private organizations for better outcome in productivity.
  13. Influence on work due to increase in motivation amongst the employees of a growing organization.
  14. Expectancy theory and its implication on employee motivation in relation to their work improvement.
  15. Wage equity and employee motivation in profit and non-profit organization.
  16. The role of motivation in fostering public service motivation message to overcome the issue of employment.
  17. Leadership motivation in an organization planning structure.
  18. The impact of reward and recognition programs on employee’s performance based on their annually progress reports.
  19. Motivation techniques for different organization management.
  20. Building a team on motivation amongst employees

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