Dhmis 5 Analysis Essay

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DHMIS 4 commercial theory Edit

This theory wont be done in one sitting so be patient.

This theory starts off before the first episode, but the exact time is a bit confusing. For example the kick starter video says that it takes place on June 19 1955, yet in DHMIS 4 personal computers are already invented.

I think ill keep the time out of the way for now. most of this next part is speculation btw

Our story begins with yellow (or green) guy and his father, Roy. Roy is unhappy with yellow guy because of his eyes, that or his skin color. Roy then decides make a TV show of sorts to teach his kid a lesson. Roy however has none of the skills required to make a TV show. so he finds red guy, a creator of some sort to write the script for his show

The Slow Escape Theory Edit

This theory proves that all of the characters have escaped already and all are in the real world.

Today, we'll be documenting their escapes from each episode, how they escaped, signs they wanted to escape, and references to their escape before and after the escape itself.

Let's start off with Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4. In this world, in the beginning, Red Guy picks a card. Blah, blah, blah, mad stuff happens, they're sent to the digital world, but look at the disagreements Red Guy has made to Colin.

"Actually, we have a computer already." "Wait a second..." "Stop talking!" "Be QUIET!" "SHUT THE FUCK


Finally, after all the confusion, Colin aggressively reacts, hating on Red Guy and the others by sending them to the digital world to suffer. "DONT TOUCH MEEEeeeEEEe!!!!!!!"

This is the first warning sign that Red Guy disagrees with Colin.

The next sign comes in the form of Red Guy hating on the only 3 acts doable in the Digital World. Looking at graphs? Yellow Guy is curious about the graphs and looks at them, even if he sees nothing or an oblong. What about Duck? Duck gets to experience the joy of having tons of so-called "digital styles". He's happy about that. Pretty normal, right? But take a look at Red Guy. He hates to Digital Dance even though what's shown to him is to Digital Dance. This slowly pans out to the house, where Red Guy experiences the action.

In the next frame or ten, Duck and Yellow Guy appear with their brains out. They have been brainwashed and joined the action. Look at Red Guy. He immediately reaches for an escape, an escape from this hell. He teleports to the closest door in the Digital World. Eventually, both in real life and the Digital World, he opens the door and sees a low-budget show. Realizing what he wanted all along, without the influence of Roy, he's ready to break free. "You are not invited to the party" His mind is blown. "Wait wha-"

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5 introduces the escape of a Duck from the set. Now last time, we see Red Guy "die". But if you die in this world, you appear in another. In Red Guy's case, the real world. This is what happens to Duck as well.

In this case, it's different. It's the same, but after long period of time, Duck realizes the truth.

First sign: At the body house. Shortly after Steak shows Yellow Guy and Duck shows what happens to "bad food", Duck utters "that doesn't make any sense". He's getting annoyed too.

Second sign: Shortly after the second call, Duck gets more disoriented and says "But something's... wrong!"

Third sign: Duck full on hates by trying to leave. But he can't leave when Spinach shows him the spaghetti.

Eventually, after the body is ruined, Fridge interrupts Duck multiple times.

"Everything tastes great! Maybe we should wait!"


"Before we put it on our plate!"


"Or it could be too late!" BhsknananAnalizjbaiajan I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!

Duck escapes for a while, before the giant monster can cans him and brainwashes Yellow Guy into eating Duck's organs. But remember the rules. Duck escapes.

Finally, a seeming joint effort made by Red Guy's imagination leads to a total rewind of the machine, creating a new world. DHMIS 7: Green IS a creative color.

More of the lore? NO or YES

Watch Film Theory's mostly similar theories.Hjakajan

New "Red Guy´s Characters" Theory Edit

Hm, Something's...Missing...
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Maybe the 3 characters are digital, or part of a show; they´re not real? Their favorite colors are blue, red and green (RGB color model, main colors in pixels and video editing). h Is it possible that Yellow and Duck were created by Red Guy as characters for a puppet show? (That´s why he holds them as puppets in DHMIS 6, because he created them) Maybe Red Guy´s ideas for a puppet show weren´t taken very seriously, as shown in DHMIS 6. Nonetheless, a big company (represented in DHMIS by Roy) takes interest in his project, as shown in DHMIS 6 when Red Guy finds Roy in the audience.

He takes Red Guy´s idea and brings it to life with his company´s resources (the machine with the screens at the end). Red Guy wants a simple puppet show, but the company (Roy) twists his ideas to attract more public (Obviously, DHMIS wouldn´t have as many viewers without its violence), and reduces Red Guy´s creative freedom, despite being the show´s original creator.

Look at the first one. Everything goes normal, until everything turns CGI (that is, the company comes with its big budget and executives and producers) and the shows changes.YET

Red Guy disapproves the way Roy uses his ideas. That´s why he´s never very excited about the the ideas they show. In DHMIS 4, Red Guy fully realizes what his idea has become and leaves. When he stumbles across the low-budget version of the series at the end of the episode, that is his realization that he doesn't need Roy to fund the show; there's a way to do it on his own. But, Yellow and Duck are still controlled by Roy (the company still owns Red´s idea)So,Roy leaves that dimension he is trapped in,hence explaining why his head exploded.

In DHMIS 5, Duck says "Something´s missing". Everyone can see the show´s original creator is no longer around, and because of that, Roy can now twist the show as much as he wants to get audience. Still, Red Guy´s fighting to get his characters back. This is why Duck revolts and hits the camera in the episode, saying "I'm not gonna do this anymore."In the episodes,parts of Red Guy were also seen.Like Red Guy;s head in the oven,Red Guy's legs when Duck tries to escape.Which means after Red Guy escapes,he wants to save them. He realizes that Red Guy was right, and he decides to leave the show. However, during Duck's escape, Roy captures him and murders him.

EDIT: (by anon) Also, during DHMIS 5, the telephone keeps ringing. However, when Duck answers, the line always gets cut off. A possible theory is that Red Guy is trying to contact his friends, but he cannot do so, because Roy is stopping him from letting them know. At the end of DHMIS 5, during the credits roll, we see Red Guy in the real world walking away from a telephone booth, perhaps because he was using it to try and contact Duck.

Finally, in DHMIS 6, Red Guy manages to unplug his ideas from Roy´s mediatic machine. Now he can start his show with creative freedom.Furthermore,there were 3 kitchen scenes.2 of them was of a kitchen full of props,and without a door.However,the last kitchen scene,after Red Guy unplugs the plug,there is a door.Hence,it shows that they were no longer controlled/trapped,they were free to walk out the door and go. That´s why now each character has his favorite color. Additionally, there are far fewer props in this scene than there were in the actual first episode due to the fact that the show is no longer funded by a big company.

I find the theory easy to believe because of the creators. Maybe Becky and Joe once had a similar problem with a company (MAYBE; JUST MAYBE, the This is It collective), and used DHMIS to tell that story. Also, in DHMIS 6, Red Guy comes up with the singing file, and then the file appears in Roy´s machine.

So, maybe the whole DHMIS experience is about an independent filmmaker fighting big mediatic corporations. The theory is very incomplete, but I think it´s a good starting point.

-Nick CH (I apologize for writing my name, but I just told this theory to my friends and I fear they won´t believe I made

The "December 25th" theory Edit

First off, in the 6th episode teaser, we can obviously see the yellow guy celebrating new years ev- wait, what if it's something different he is celebrating? There is quite a possible chance that Yellow guy is celebrating his birthday....who knows?

December 25th.

It is possible he is celebrating mothers day, but she is not there. She is filming the show, and you can see this because after a little while the confetti stops and yellow guy looks around for the source. It is possible that this episode if so is where yellow guy realizes he is in a cartoon as well. And its possible that since the time they were all kidnapped, they didn't know the poop man was the producer of the show which they don't know they're and yellow guy says he is in his dad's house, it is possible they are in Roy's basement, which means roy and poop man may work together. why Roy's house? in a post the producer made it showed roy in 'his basement' which is what the text with the image said. and it looks alot like the basement shown in the kickstarter in which poop man kidnaps them as mentioned above.

also, since i said it could be father's day, its possible that Roy may be the only other protagonist, or as i say, antagonist. why? if i'm correct about poop man working with Roy, that means he kidnapped his own son, and is ok with his friends and son being killed off by a stranger he works with. also, if this is true, its likely all the non-main protagonists were either staged or programmed. its HIGHLY unlikely they were living with the characters such as the steak. but i can tell if the book lived with them, but we will get to that later.

if the non-main protagonists/antagonists were staged, its likely that they were all the workers/co-workers in suits. and if this is true, its possible the men in camouflage colored suits were workers for the money man.

and also, its possible that the people in those suits were also the ones who were in the canned suits, seemingly eating duck guy, while inside, they put the flesh in cans. and more evidence for this is how each can gets swapped with another and there are multiple cans that yellow guy ate. if so, its almost impossible that yellow guy didn't notice. but this could be the case he is so dumb. but, its more likely they did something to yellow to temporarily be knocked out. however, its also likely that the reason duck guy was canned was because when they temporarily knocked yellow guy out, they actually put duck guy's organs in the can simply by mauling him to the point his stomach opened up, and stuffed his innards within the cans, and the reason for the cans eating duck guy scenes , is to symbolize that duck guy's organs were stuffed into a can, but its likely he passed away, so its likely that why duck guy is on a operating bed, is that he is about to pass away as he realises everything is staged before they auled him.

now red guy and duck guy will likely not be seen in this episode, but the other non-main antagonists will. also, what happens to red guy is that he is living a normal life. since yellow guy is the only one lift, it is likely they will do something to him or he too will escape to the real world.

so my point is the 6th episode will truely be the opening to many awnsers. but there is one more thing i need to go over - the "missing" sign. so, i think the thing that was in the "HELP" thing was why it says they're missing. so, why are they still there? well, i think there are two timelines - the dream timeline and the real life timeline. so, red was the 1st to escape, and that was when he realized what happened. duck guy tried, but failed. yellow guy hasn't yet, so in the dream timeline, the real world and dream timeline both are trying to tell them to wake up from the media's grasp. that's all i can say for now. but the opening to more questions, like "why was there a black duck never mentioned except in #1?", and "why did they all watch themselves in episode 2 and not notice they were on TV, and how other, more realistic-looking shows on TV, let alone that they were turned into monsters on TV?" and such, but i think i, becky, joe, roy, and the money man will all leave the fandom to find those awnsers.

The "I'm Confused" Theory Edit

O HIS HEAD! I just made a realization. Red's head exploded in the 4th one, right? Meaning, that part of him (not real) is trying to tell them to get out. That's his not real (matrix) part. Meaning his real self (seen at the end walking out of the phone booth) is still alive and is also trying to warn them. (by calling) However, Bird's real (non-matrix) self was killed, obviously. Also, I have a theory. You know how people say that this is some show-making company? I think that the company IS this is it. Meaning everything is direct, if you know what I mean. Meaning, puppets can't exist, NONE of this is real? Or maybe there are just many layers to the matrix. This is reinforced by the 2nd one, where they die but it's just a show. Also the 4th one. Just pay attention and you can see it. I dunno. Just trying to contribute. Also, June 19th? That's when Money Man kidnapped them. Yellow says that it's his dad's house, so I think money man is Roy dressed up. He's the one responsible for all this (teachers, puppets, everything) This is all very confusing. Hopefully all will be revealed in the 6th one.

The Money Man Theory Edit

I think that the three puppets are still dead, but currently being held hostage by the Money Man. In the "HELP" videos, it is made very clear that the puppets have been kidnapped, and are being forced to raise money. The We are ok episodes were created after DHMIS 2 but before DHMIS 3.

What is the first thing you see in the DHMIS 3 episode? The missing poster. Even though they are "???", they are still not 'home'. The date on the missing poster was June 19th. While this date does have other appearances before and after this point, keep in mind that the Kickstarter goal to keep making episodes was met on June 19th. Over the course of episodes 3 and 4, we see the puppets going to new locations, from the Park to the Love Cults home to the Research Room. However, they never are seen to be back home.

This is all evidence supporting the fact that the Money Man is continuing to hold the puppets hostage. While it may appear they have been outside, or at home, it is very possible the money man was behind the camera the episodes and forcing the puppets to do whatever he wants.

The Money Man is the one filming the episodes, making the scripts, and coming up with the messages he wants to send the people watching. He collected the money through the Kick starter fundraiser, and is holding the puppets hostage to keep making his episodes. Truly, he would have killed the puppets if he hadn't met his goal, because they would have served no purpose to him if he couldn't make his episodes.

Reality Theory Edit

Hm, Something's...Missing...
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At the end of DHMIS 5, we see Red guy walking out of a phone booth. (On the phone booth, there is a number that later appears on the stake guy episode, on the fridge on a post-it note. It says on the note 'ROY, then the long number previewed on the phone booth. I think Red guy sneaked inside and put that number so Duck and Yellow guy would call Red guy and get out of the reality world.) This may suggest that he was making all the calls through the episode, trying to wake up his friends to get out of that phase. This theory explains Red Guy's literal mind blow in DHMIS 4, YES, his head explodes, but still appears in DHMIS 5's credits. It could be assumed that dying in this other reality brings you back to the correct reality. Or maybe the creators of this series were on drugs when they made this, and none of it is supposed to make any sense.

The Hospital Theory Edit

I think that the three puppets are actually human kids who suffer from a disease which means they almost never leave the hospital,or others believe coma. They all live in the same ward and, because of their illness, see everything in a very surreal, creepy way. Harry sees himself as a red, furry monster, Robin sees himself as a bird and Dawson just feels like a strange little thing that doesn't really belong anywhere. The "Villains" are all just normal people, specifically the doctors who give the kids medication and maybe a little therapy, but because they're slightly mentally ill as well as physically ill, the kids keep on "messing up", which explains why something horrible happens in each and every episode. Even thought they're receiving help, the kids' young brains can't cope with it. At the end of the fourth video it shows the red guys or harry's head exploding simply meaning he may have gotten better and left, later on the green bird or robin "dies" maybe meaning the same thing.

-syiteln volengeri

The Purgatory Theory Edit

The heroes died in the second episode and are placed in a purgatory. Some evidence to prove this is that in the third and fourth episodes, there are missing posters for them. They were killed from ageing over time from Tony, and they go into the purgatory, watching what happened on television. Y

- SuperGuy8

The Roy Theory Edit

We think that the three have been kidnapped by Roy (the yellow guy's father). This is because in all the episodes except the first he has made an appearance. In the second he appears in plain sight; when he is on his computer (2:10) and with the yellow guy (1:46). In the third he can be seen at 4:32 with the unicorn. In the forth he can be seen standing in the darkness in the corner when the red guy is on the computer at 3:58. In the fifth he can be seen when the camera is shaking at the top of the set at 4:03.

We think it is Roy not the Money Man because he is only seen in HELP and HELP #2. Roy has hired the Money Man to kidnap them. He has held them captive since the first episode. This is because the kidnapping occurred on the 19/06/55. In the second episode on the picture the date 19/06/55 can be seen and the clock calls this the past, this must mean he is already kidnapped them. This is further emphasized by an unofficial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sL9-4fm1kg . In this video the yellow guy says "Why are we at my dads house". He is later told it is not but it provides evidence for Roy being the kidnapper. Yes, this was not uploaded by the official channel but in HELP there is a cut at 0:10 but in the. in the 6th episode you can see the charecters are diffrent colors they are the colors that they stated, red blue green,also in this episode at the end you can see a door which isn't there in the first episode,it is green which symbolises creativity and them being free from this on going madness, which is trying to brain wash them in to doing what they want.

unofficial it plays through with it not affecting anything. This shows that it is a longer and unreleased HELP plea or trailer. Roy's items can be seen in the fifth episode with a bottle at 0:07, reinforcing that Roy holds them captive. In the forth episode another missing sign can be seen on the milk at 0:09, at the start there is also a picture of Roy and the yellow guy stating that the yellow guy has a close relation or lives with him. Also on the pin board Roy's number can be seen reinforcing that they are in the same household as Roy, this is at 0:44. In the fifth episode the red guy has escaped previously in the fourth episode and is trying to warn the others, but if one had already escaped why would the Money Man just wait but Roy can be seen overseeing where the other two puppets are at the top. Also a flour packet with Roy's name can be seen also adding to him being the kidnapper.

This is why Roy is the kidnapper and they have been kidnapped the whole time.

And the 19th of June. What is it? So as stated above it they were kidnapped on the 19/6/1955 as we have presumed. And a very good associate of mine has stated that on the 19th of June 1955 it was father's day. This is why Roy keeps on turning up in videos.

It is not sure why Roy has kidnapped them but like the Money Man theory he might be using them for money. It can be further emphasized that he is the one filming because in the HELP and HELP #2 videos the camera is not as good as the one used DHMIS videos. This further reinforces that Roy films and directs the videos.

Another thing about roy is in every episode in the credits thanks the kickstarter doners and then roy. some people think roy was the ma doner and has more control over the show than we thought

- DHMIS19.6.55

The TV Slaves Theory Edit

I have come up with a theory that combines several others that I call "The TV Slaves Theory."

For starters, I will NOT be including DHMIS 1 in this theory at all because I believe that Becky and Joe did not have intentions of making other episodes until they discovered the massive success that DHMIS 1 had. So basically, I believe that the backstory was not "created" until DHMIS 2. Also, to make it easier for myself, I will just be calling the characters by their color (except for Roy) or their object. (For example, Manny=Yellow/Colin=Computer.)

This theory starts in DHMIS 2. I believe that from this episode on, Roy is directing the show.

He is introduced in this episode as the Yellow Guy's dad. He is shown with Yellow Guy and then later shown watching porn on his computer.

He is directing each episode and trying to give off a message to the public. This is proven by his multiple cameos. In all of his cameos, he is shown watching the production and making sure his message is given off.

In episode 4, the Red Guy begins to realize what is going on. He acts very sarcastic and almost rude to the computer. At the end of the episode, Green and Yellow stay in the production as they are still clueless. Red is really getting a clue of what is going on. This is shown when he doesn't participate in the episode, he doesn't look at graphs, show off his digital style, or digital dance. He tries to unplug the computer to stop the insanity and save his friends. In doing so, he can't see where the wire is plugged in, so he follows it outside the door just to realize that he was part of a production. His mind was "blown" (as shown when his head blows) and he has left the show and is now out in reality. He has discovered Roy's scheme so Roy killed him off in order to keep everything running "smooth"

In episode 5, the same happens, but to Green. He realizes what is going on and begins to question everything. I believe that the steak telling him his teeth/gums will go grey is really him hinting to Green and saying that if he doesn't keep his mouth shut, he will be killed off. The constant phone ringing is actually Red trying to get a hold of his friends to let them know what is actually going on. So along the episode, Green figures out what is happening and becomes very mean and rude towards the steak, can, and fridge. He eventually leaves, but fails. He was killed and put in a can, as shown by the can eating his organs. Yellow later eats Green, not knowing it was him.

So, to summarize, Roy is directing a show starring Red, Green and Yellow, who do not know they are part of a production. Red figures this out and leaves, Green figures it out and tries to leave, but fails to do so and is killed and put in a can.

Kellogg's theory Edit

In episode 5, we find that a lot of the food is labeled Roy's in the upper-left hand corner such as the "flakes." This is reminiscent of real life Kellogg's brand food. Kellogg's company was founded in 1906 (special k in '55), by nutritionist John Harvey Kellogg. JHK is credited with inventing the cornflake, which he actually made while trying to find a food that would decrease sexual drive. For JHK was a firm believer in eugenics (controlled evolution) and was looking for a diet regiment that could curve reproduction. The idea came to him from his religious church (episode 3?) which stated "plain bland" food to decrease sex drive.

The DHMIS 5 Phone Number RumorEdit

There is a rumor that had been going on about the DHMIS phone numbers. Some say that if you call the two numbers from DHMIS before 6:19 P.M, a DHMIS character will answer. Some claim that they had actually got through the number. There are also some recordings of the number too. One of the most famous ones come from a YouTube user by the name of, "epiccreepertnt" in which they had successfully called one of the numbers. The characters they got were Bird guy, yellow guy, steak guy, tin can (possibly.) and an unknown character that had picked up and then hung up. The number was only available the first few days DHMIS 5 came out. It hasn't been picked up ever since...

The Computer Theory Edit

In DHMIS 2, at one point red guy and green guy are tied in chairs and they have helmets on that connect them with the computer world. as the camera zooms out you can see the calendar, the 19.06.55 picture, and the cat picture are all hanging on the wall. And in the next shot you see Roy with one on and yellow guy with a pot on his head. The yellow guy says his dad has a computer. Maybe Roy is kidnapping them and making them watch things or even making them think differently. Or maybe he is accessing into their brains. The green guy looks scared. but why is the yellow guy wearing a pot on his head? is he not being controlled?

The Duck Guy TheoryEdit

Okay if you look at the duck in the first episode you can see he is black. But in the rest of the episodes he is green. What if that means something? Maybe the reason why the duck is black in one episode green in the rest because those where different ducks. So if the "Robin" replaced the black duck then what happened to the original duck? Simple. I think the sketchbook killed him to teach the yellow guy a lesson. First of all the duck writes the word death on the table. How does that not mean something. Also when the duck is seen writing death and decorating the word with skulls you can hear a dying groan. At the end of the episode you may see the Black Duck's eye twitching. Well that's easy! When you are dying your body starts to twitch. About the dying groan thing the voice sounds most raspy and the duck's voice is raspy. So maybe the green duck was the black duck's brother. It isn't a major theory but I'll leave it out there.

-Hyper Anon

Since the release of DHMIS 6, you can see red guy pulling the plug on the computer near the end of the episode which resets the world and changes the colors of all the characters before restarting the "creative song". Maybe that supports the bird guys color change? Are they in a computer simulation? It is definitely a production of some sort, seeing as red guy had total control over the things to torment yellow guy with. Not to mention Roy is behind him as he does so.

Another Reason to Support This, Is That Sometimes After The Pilot, The Directors aren't sastified with a character anymore, so they get rid of the character and replace him/her with a better subsitute. So in a way, The Duck Guy was killed off and replace with another. 

School TheoryEdit

Why is all the objects teaching? What if our protagonists are in a Kindergarten. And all the teachers are nice but the protagonists think they are evil since all the protagonists hate school. All the antagonists are teachers.The sketchpad represents writing class. The clock represents math class. The Butterfly represents reading class(Since in reading class you learn about character emotions) The computer obviously represents Computer class. And finally the food represents the cafeteria. 

-Hyper Anon

Toy Factory TheoryEdit

"Harry", "Manny" and "Robin" are actually workers in Toy factories. Roy is the Owner which explains why he is always watching them. Roy is also very lazy which is why he is watching porn in a toy factory. The teachers are actually the toys thay sing being created/being brought to life. The reason why the "toys/teachers" seem nice but are aggressive is because they are nice on the outside such as for kids but mean on the inside for "Harry","Manny",and "Robin" since they are extremely hard to make and it takes hours to make. Also "Harry", "Manny", and "Robin" are actually people but are forced to be represented as puppets/mascots for the kids. Also the workers where living under poor circumstances where they are abused. Such as in the "HELP" videos where the 3 protaganists are abused to raise money to help decorate the toy factory. The Money Man is a secret worker who has a private job which is abusing the workers to help them work better. The result warped their mind making them have a weird perspective on their factory.  This lead to the events of the series. The reason why they are always in different rooms is because this represents the different aisles which explains why there are always different teachers/toys. The beginning of every episode where everything seems normal represents the weekend but due to them always have to work the weekend seems short therefore the reason why the peace is quickly disturbed by the teachers.

-Hyper Anon

The Children Theory


What is so special about June 19?

In Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Kickstarter page Becky and Joe wrote that episodes will come in every three months! From the first episode to new episode that came, we calculated and figured out that it arrived June 19th.

Also, June 19th is Father's Day; we all know that Roy is Yellow Guy's father and that he possibly kidnapped them.

This episode takes place on June 19 like the others, but in this video we find out that the year is 1955. We know this because on Becky and Joe's Kickstarter account, there is a photo that confirms the date is June 19, 1955. Also, in the video itself, the calendar has this same date. In the fourth episode the computer puts a magnifying glass over a newspaper and you can see in the bottom left corner of the newspaper there is a picture of a fire (or explosion) and the date is June 19. In addition, June 19, 1955 was a Father's Day. It is unknown as of now why Becky and Joe chose this day as the date for the series. A possible explanation as to why they picked that date could be because the amount of televisions that were sold skyrocketed during that year.

Another aspect about this date: If you search for June 19th, 1955, there is an article published in the Chicago Tribune on that date about a case in West Palm Beach, FL - where a Judge and his wife were kidnapped, and the pattern is becoming apparent regarding the kidnappers. One interpretation may be that our main characters are all judges in their own lives - we see time and time again that these main characters are being further isolated and ruined because they refuse to learn from these nursery rhyme-esque episodes. They have begun to recognize the pattern - through hints that are left to them and the audience (us) in order to figure out the mystery/ or, considering how gruesome this series is, the crime. But the kidnapping? What could that allude to? Well, it could very well be the kidnapping of the boys by the father, Roy, that is mentioned earlier in this section. It could also be a very elaborate metaphor to separate the generations - millennial and Generation X and/or the Baby Boomers. If the boys are supposed to represent millennial, the prime demographic of an internet series, then it's clear that we are being told that we are fed misinformation from those who are older than us and therefore in power. Considering this is all just a "false production" (for the boys, its actors, who find the backstage; and for us, as it's a show displayed through puppetry over live action or realistic CGI), this reality TV gone illusionist show that the boys are in displays three attributes - the pursuit of money through exploitation and the control of younger peoples, the disconnect between what is real and what is fake, and the depression and disenchantment we go through when we realize we have been fed lies.

Also, 1906 repeats as a ransom, year, time and also in the constant (pi)=19.6(y) in episode 2. This is referenced in the fourth episode, in the Computer's time and on the date of the Newspaper. However, it is also important to keep in mind that in the UK, the numbers for month and day are reversed. So 19/06 equates to the 19th of June (as opposed to 06/19 in America). It is possible that 1906 is a year, or that is simply another example of the June 19 motif.

In the music video Sleep and Swim (Like a Shark), directed by Becky and Joe, the date, June 19th, appears at the end of the video on a calendar, encircled with the word "Birthday" written on it. Perhaps yet another clue to the importance of the date in DHMIS.


As we learn in the sixth DHMIS, Red Guy is a free spirit that the media definitely doesn't approve of because he is self aware and is not their strict version of "creative". It is therefore important that he is red, the opposite of green, which is pointed out not to be a creative colour. There are many other Red Guys, who are not at all creative and free, but this is simply because the media controls them to be so and that is not naturally who they are.

The green bird is at first seen as the ideal actor, being non-creative and easily brainwashed by the media. By representing the elderly, the bird represents their vulnerability and how the media has drained their freedom and creativity over time.

But eventually the green bird becomes unpopular with the media. He is not dangerously unique, but he is in no way creative, which isn't sufficient as the media needs to convince people to be creative but only in a certain way so that they feel the have freedom that they don't have. The yellow boy is meant to be the youngest. He is a happy medium, easily relatable and will grow with his audience. His colour shows how his fate is yet undecided - will be become self aware and educated enough, or will the media teach him and control him until he mirrors the green bird who doesn't know any better?

Random objects

  • the potato thing over there
  • The same calendar appears in the the first, second, and fourth videos.
  • The phrase "let's get creative" appears in both the first and fourth videos, spelled with the same magnetic letters.
  • The statue of King Malcolm (the leader of the Love Cult from the third episode) makes a cameo appearance in the rest of videos following the one that it was in.
  • The notepad and clock make a cameo in the Love Cult from the third episode and sixth episode.
  • The yellow cube with eyes appears as a cameo appearance in both the second and fourth episodes.
  • A specific red radio appears in the first two episodes.
  • A tiny, colorful hat appears randomly in all six episodes.
  • A menu or recipe of classic bacon and egg breakfast appears in both the first and fourth episodes.
  • A red and yellow-colored boat appears in both the first and fourth episode. In the first episode, it appears in a painting. In the fourth episode, it appears to be a toy of sorts.
  • The same type of cups and plates appear in the first three episodes.
  • A mysterious orifice, which appears to represent a Mouse House or just a mouse in general, appears in the first two episodes.
  • The Green Duck has a red towel in both the second and third episodes.
  • A plastic figurine of a horse appears in all of the episodes. In the music video made by Becky and Joe, "Swim and Sleep Like a Shark," this horse appears and is presumably alive.
  • There is a painting of horses that appears in all four videos. It appears to be a reference to the music video of "Swim and Sleep Like a Shark," because in that video a boy appears to be painting the same painting.
  • A basket of fruit appears in the first, second, and fourth episodes.
  • A little orange house appears in both the second and fourth episodes.
  • There are some clouds with eyes that makes a reference to the episode 3.
  • The Yellow Guy's clown painting from the first episode reappears twice in the fourth episode. It also appears with black paint over it in the second episode at 00:40.
  • A sandwich that appears in the fourth episode previously made an appearance in Becky and Joe's music video for "Bad Things That Could Happen."
  • The image depicting the three main characters missing appears in the third and fourth episodes. In the third episode, it appears stapled to a tree in the woods. In the fourth episode, it can be seen printed in the carton of milk.
  • A wanted poster of The Yellow Guy appears in the second episode when they are walking through the historical town. The reward for finding him is £1906, a reference to the 19th of June recurring Easter Egg.
  • A swastika appears on the teaching board in a mockup of Einstein's known relationship Energy equals mass times speed of light squared. The formula reads "swastika equals mc squared".

"Things That Are Not Perceptible At the First Look Or Easter Eggs".

There are things in the episode that may not be very perceptible at first.

  • The Yellow Guy's father, Roy, can be seen in all the episodes, except the first one.
  • The Green Guy and Yellow Guy both make monsters in the fourth episode.
  • The Yellow Guy has big eyes in one part.
  • In two parts of the video the Green Guy has a crazy and creepy face.
  • In one part when the Red Guy watches the computer dance, in the bottom we can see a cameo Red Guy enter another room.
  • At the end of the time song, there is a low pitched grumbling.

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